Our commitment to diversity is demonstrated through strategic initiatives aimed at providing training and awareness to employees, hiring people of diverse backgrounds at all levels in the organization and establishing guidelines for customer and employees.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and interactive work environment for our employees, customers, and stakeholders. Diversity has become a core part of the solution to and a way forward for many of the strategic objectives that face our business today. It helps improve business performance because the better we understand and respond to the diverse needs of our employees the more we are able to create an environment where understanding and acceptance is prevalent. For employees and potential recruits, our comprehensive procedures ensure that we hire a diverse workforce and provide development opportunities to retain the diverse talent. Why? Because we believe our employees are our human capital and our biggest assets which is why we strive to meet their expectations.

For customers, our awareness and appreciation of diversity promotes our ability to appreciate and react to varied customer requirements-as a result we build confidence levels and long term relationships with our customers.

For stakeholders, our focus on diversity facilitates our involvement with varied communities and improves client relations. Diverse employees add value because they can better understand diverse markets. Diversity also influences investors, both private and institutional with regard to ethical policies. Thobson is dedicated to establishing and maintaining relationships with minority groups, non governmental organizations and diverse communities.