Our Commitment

The Thobson Group recognizes our responsibility to the contributing members of the communities in which we work and live. We continually demonstrate this citizenship in many ways and on many levels as a Company, through our brands, in our affiliate offices around the world, at our local facilities, as corporate departments and as individuals.

Our corporate positions on environmental affairs and safety are founded on an ethical bedrock and built on pragmatic business decisions. The former underlies our decisions and actions; the latter provides the resources to make our efforts meaningful on a global level.

As we see it, our responsibilities to a sustainable world are two fold:

  • Maintaining our own "house" in a way that reduces negative impact on the environment
  • Extending our influence as active members of the sustainability movement to people, projects and causes outside our own Company.
  • The Thobson Group Of Companies realizes that to ensure the long-term success of our Company, our financial goals need to be integrated with the human and ecological impacts of our business.

The goal of corporate citizenship is to increase both shareholder and community value. The progress of our environmental and safety programs, coupled with our philanthropic initiatives, helps to make certain that Thobson Group Of Companies will be able to continue to bring the best to the industry.

We are a family company committed to working together with uncompromising ethics and integrity. We strive to always:

  • Provide customers with innovative technology and products of the highest standards.
  • Deliver outstanding service by treating each individual as we ourselves would like to be treated.
  • Create an environment that fosters personal growth and well being.
  • Build partnerships with our suppliers, retailers and colleagues based on fairness and trust.
  • Enhance our reputation of image, style and prestige.
  • Pursue profit, but never at the expense of quality, service or reputation.
  • Be responsible citizens in every community we serve.

The Thobson Group Of Companies
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