Message From CEO

Thank you for being part of the growing number of quality conscious customers who have chosen THOBSON as an essential step towards their business growth.

As a global organization, We now have moved into an era of next-generation IDEAS, where commitment to not only visualize on, but also the practical implementation and delivering true results is becoming a reality.

We have invested for years and years, not only in recruiting and developing the best expertise, but also in creating and collecting a huge reservoir of the world's best ideas. Combining these allows us to provide exponential added-value to our client's organization.

I am convinced that in our profession, it will always be important to have the best people. However, the challenge is to leverage on what the best available professionals can do for the clients. Arming them with our library of best ideas makes it possible to realize.

In a way, by creating maximum value for our clients in "Orchestrating Business Excellence," we are reshaping our own industry at the same time.

We emphasize the fact that our customer's and business partner's successes is Thobson's success.

There is one thing that serves to unite us. That the future belongs to the progressive and aggressive Corporate Customers. One that's not afraid to embrace change and challenge. One that's willing to be different. We salute the brave customers that we support.

The sole purpose of a public company is to create growing sustainable value. At Thobson, we are totally focused on this purpose. In order to close this gap, we must first deliver strong short-term results. Of course, we will not stop there. We will further improve perceptions of our long-term potential via transparent communications.

A company cannot completely avoid all the ups and downs in its performance. But it should learn from past mistakes and never make them twice; this behavior is part of Thobson. We are committed to gaining the trust of our valuable customers and delivering superior performance.

Our Products

The more than hundred quality products we market under our portfolio of brands are a crucial competitive asset, delivering customer satisfaction and performance second to none. Innovation is the driving force that propels our growth. Each year, we add new ideas, solutions, technology enhancement and offerings.

Our People

"The wealth of a company is its people. By that standard, we are a very wealthy company." With over 160 employees and representatives worldwide in 5 countries and territories, The Thobson Group Of Companies benefits from the contributions of individuals who share curiosity, ingenuity, passion, energy and an unquenchable desire for success. And regardless of where they live, people want to come to work for The Thobson Group Of Companies, and they want to stay. We are deeply committed to nurturing this great resource and to fostering a collaborative working environment that transcends geography.

Our Ideas

While the success of great products can be measured by sales and profits, our overall achievements are measured by the power and promise of our ideas and technologies we deploy. Over the years we've insisted on being the foremost innovators, seeking out and nurturing the very best concepts for our customers. Everything we do reflects the input and influence of our global teams. This applies not only to our products themselves, but to every area related to our business -- including research and development, products and solutions, network planning and technology, marketing, advertising, customer service and operations.

The Future

As we look ahead, we believe that The Thobson Group Of Companies is ideally positioned for continued growth. We will accomplish our goals by remaining focused on our key strategies:

  • Innovating new products and solutions
  • Driving all product categories
  • Diversifying Customer Support
  • Expanding global reach
  • Keeping abreast with the new technologies

Most important, our highest priority will always be our commitment to building great brands, solutions and great people. Thanks to them, The Thobson Group Of Companies will remain the customer's first choice for the very best in all aspects.

Dr Shah Thobani
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Thobson Group Of Companies