Executive Team

Shah Thobani

President and Chief Executive
The Thobson Group Of Companies

As President and CEO, Shah Thobani has responsibility for the day-to-day management of both companies and all management and operations of the company's portfolio of managed and owned properties.

Sam Bharia

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer of Finance and Business Development Wing, Mr. Sam Bharia Thobson oversees the company's assets and leads the push to acquire new properties for management.

Meraj Mohani

Head of Marketing, USA & Canada Region

As head of Technology Marketing, USA & Canada region, Meraj Mohani oversees Thobson's global Information Technology team, providing strategic direction and management for the company's IT infrastructure worldwide, including its hosted services.

Dr Shaheena Jaffery

Corporate Development, Houston

As Director Corporate Development , Dr Shaeena Jaffery responsible for overseeing the company's overall strategic direction, planning and execution.

Shehzad Thobani

Head of Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific Region

As Head of Sales & Marketing, Shehzad Thobani is responsible for Thobson's corporate brand and integrated marketing efforts worldwide.

Sadaqat Syed

Head of Marketing, Middle East Region

Sadaqat Syed has a number of responsibilities spanning business strategy and operations. He is a key member of the international leadership team that is responsible for the company's global strategy, with a particularly visible role amongst the company's worldwide emerging markets community.

Rossy Gill

Director of Legal Affairs

Rossy Gill is highly experienced professional with a strong external relations background, particularly with respect to engaging government and the broader community on significant public policy issues relevant to the information and communication technology industries.