Corporate Fact Sheet

Data Centers

Phoenix, Arizona & Lansing, Michigan with onsite 24/7 managed support

Customer Service Center

Suite 513-514, Caesar Towers, National IT Park, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan.

Company Profile

One of the world's leading technology and infrastructure developer of quality services & solutions. The Company's products are sold in over 130 countries and territories.


The Thobson Group Of Companies - We Perform, You Achieve

Brand names

Thobson, Thobson Technologies, Thobson SEO, We Promote You Achieve, 300 Seconds Instant Host, Datumlogy Center, Signature Design Studio, See Me Grow, Gola Ganda Entertainment Center.


  • Managed Hosting
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Website Design & Creationt
  • Application Development
  • Interactive Presentation
  • Managed Services & Support
  • Promotional Logo Products
  • Shaped CDs / DVDs
  • SEO & Marketing Solutions

Distribution / Association / Resellers / Franchise Policies

The Company sells its products principally through limited distribution channels to compliment the images associated with its brands. The channels consist primarily of high scale technology companies with qualified professionals and a minimum of 10 Years of presence in local markets.


The Company was founded in 1999 by Shah Thobani. The flagship brand, Thobson Technologies ( was launched with four solutions and services and with the passage of time in turned into a huge enterprise and knowledge center.

The Company then acquired a lot of other high technology companies to become the industry leader for most of the major technology brands and services.

Research and Development

Karachi, Pakistan


A majority of stock is owned by members of the Thobani family. The Company has been into industry since November 1998.

Corporate Website

Brand Websites


Executive Committee

  • Dr Shah Thobson, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sam Bharia, Chief Financial Officer
  • Meraj Mohani, Head of Marketing, USA & Canada Region
  • Dr Shaheena Jaffery, Corporate Development, Houston
  • Shehzad Thobani, Head of Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific Region
  • Sadaqat Syed, Head of Marketing, Middle East Region
  • Rosy Gill, Director of Legal Affairs
  • Anila Surani, Coordinator North-Central USA & NEPA