Thobson Group founded this Company in 1999 armed with Hosting & Infrastructure Solutions and an unshakeable belief-We Perform, You Achieve-to provide 100% Managed Services to local and global market. By the time in April 2003, that simple notion had literally changed the face of the Technology in Pakistan and soon Thobson became the first choice of all the Corporate Businesses in Pakistan and around the globe.

Part of Thobani's legacy are the solutions, products and brands he invented. As Technology pioneers in Pakistan, he later became one of the leading solutions provider in town. At the same time, Mr. Thobani was a visionary businessman developing globally successful brands such as Thobson Technologies, Thobson Design Studio pioneering marketing techniques.

But his real impact was personal. Mr. Thobani's leadership inspired thousands of people. He won great respect both within and outside our industry, and received scores of honors.

Mr Shehzad Thobani, Brother of Shah Thobani who was handling the International Customers & Data Center issues, moved in 2005 to Pakistan to join Asia Pacific Operations which had a constant substantial grown. Each brand the Company developed was as important to him as his namesake line, and he was proud to watch us grow into a global enterprise that now exceeds 1.4 billion in annual net sales.

Whether or not you knew his personally, it's clear that the values and standards that Thobson Group Of Companies and its people hold today are the same ones upon which Shah Thobani founded this Company over 16 years ago. He created a culture of quality, style and unsurpassed customer service that has made The Thobson Group Of Companies the global design and technology leader it is today.